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summer 2017


ISUA Camp is just for creative’s and innovators kids and teenagers who loves Information, Communication and Computing technologies and want to know and to fell the Israeli experience.

ISUA   Camp is a unique experience developed by the  Israel Interschool and based on the 22 years experience of Computer and Fun Camp”, the unique and best Computer Camp in Israel since 1990.

ISUA Camp combining the best of Israel experience and Computing technologies with children and teenagers from all over the world.

We want that the participants of our program enjoy the history and tradition of Israel. With learning and an Israeli experience, and all these in the special intellectual environment of innovation, creation, and start-up thinking.

ISUA  offer to the campers a variety of projects choices from the best and of  the  World’s Israel Interschool  and Computing technologies and all these integrated with social, sport, fun, creative and special activities.

The  computing workshops use the best and innovated  teaching – learning methodologies, based on constructivism  that allow each participant to develop his own  creativity and to share experiences and knowledge with the group members in the start-up project development

The learning methods and environment in the ISUA Camp are not a school lessons. Every participant work on their own or group project in a collaborative environment with the best technologies to create an excitement and innovation project.

The projects and World technologies that we offer are suitable from beginner to advanced levels. You don’t be an expert in computer. The ISUA Camp is adapted for every.

The ISUA Camp’s Team is combined by:

Camp coordinator

University students and  youth guides ( 17-18 years old) experts in Israel Interschool and Computing technologies from the Israeli Youth Computing Movement

Teachers’ experts in Israeli history and traditions.

Your rooms at the ISUA Camp are air-conditioned, with 3-4 participants per room, each with private bathroom facilities. Two Madrichim sleep in rooms adjacent to participants’ rooms.

Three full meals with varied menus are provided each day at the Mosinzon dining room plus graetes  snacks between meals.

The World of ICT and Computing Technologies –

ISUA Projects

Games design and development

 Art design – 3d  and Graphics technologies

Multimedia, Video and Movies development

The Music World

The Web 2.0 world in action

Programming, basic and advanced

Integrated Projects

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